【8dice百家乐玩法】2nd Chinese peacekeeping helicopter contingent to Abyei sets out

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王锁勇、王云胜 By Wang Suoyong and Wang Yunsheng

据初步了解  ,该分队已依据上述重要任务区需要更多  ,快速完竟成外事活动不断常识、当地学校社会所情况严重 、气候特点等技术方面的学习中培训。依据上述轮换计划会安排  ,第二批43名人员将于11月上旬出发。

分队主要包括从中部战区陆军第82集团军某陆航旅抽组  ,到达重要任务区后将在联阿安部分队的统一部署下 ,重点担负兵力投送、搜索救援、物资运输、空中巡逻等2大类15种重要任务。

Peacekeepers of the contingent are mainly from an army aviation brigade of the 82nd Group Army under the PLA Central Theater Command. Under the unified deployment of the United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei (UNISFA), the contingent will focus on 15 tasks of two categories including force projection, search and rescue, material transportation, and air patrol.

SHIJIAZHUANG, Oct. 18 -- The 2nd Chinese peacekeeping helicopter contingent to Abyei left Shijiazhuang, North China’s Hebei Province, on October 16, for a 12-month peacekeeping mission in Abyei of East Africa.

It is reported that all the peacekeepers have learned about foreign affairs activities, local social conditions, and local climate in accordance with the mission requirements. According to the rotation plan, the second batch of 43 peacekeepers will depart in early November.

石家庄10月18日电:10月16日  ,中国本土第2批赴阿卜耶伊维和直升机分队在石家庄正定机场乘空军运输机出发  ,前往东非阿卜耶伊地区执行为形成期12个月的维和重要任务。